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  1. Kijinn
    Kijinn 2 years ago

    Para cuГЎndo el vГ­deo?

  2. Kazizshura
    Kazizshura 2 years ago

    Some of that's happening in Queens, but my point is that there's rarely enough demand for denser housing where there's also an abundance of undeveloped lots-and when there was they were rapidly gobbled up and that was that's almost always the first wave of gentrification, which is why displacement is often hard to detect because it can lag behind earlier indicators. But redevelopment-and gentrification-follow path dependency. It's why the Upper East Side and East/Spanish Harlem is blowing up right now-because the 96th Street subway stop finally opened after literally decades of being teased.

  3. Bram 2 years ago

    Let me foil u up baby

  4. Zololabar 2 years ago

    Looks like a lot of Scientism going on in the replies. But science would not (as scientism would reject claims like God exists or God created the universe. These claims can be neither confirmed nor disconfirmed by the accepted principles and methods of science.

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